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Bezalel Labs Ltd. is the commercial arm established by the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Bezalel Labs is the mediator between the academic community of Bezalel (the students and faculty) and the commercial and industrial communities – along the same lines as technology transfer companies of other academic institutions. The rationale behind the establishment of Bezalel Labs was not to compete with designers or commercial architects, rather to establish a framework to leverage ideas and projects born out of academic studies into actual products and to offer advanced concept and design services to companies and organizations seeking a breakthrough in how their products are perceived.  A concentration of young, dynamic and creative talent together with the knowledge and experience of the academic faculty and the rich infrastructure that Bezalel has to offer, provide solid ground for the development of creative ideas with a marketing orientation.
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April 2010 : Hadasit and Bezalel Sign a Collaboration Agreement to Commercialize Joint Inventions