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Community and Environmental Activities

Bezalel, as a leading academy of art and design, assigns the highest degree of importance to student involvement in the community and to enhancing their social and environmental awareness, and advocates active student interaction with the society in which they operate and create.
In recent years, involvement in community activities and social and environmental awareness have been significantly enhanced and intensified through diversified courses and projects that address an extensive range of population segments. The academic curriculum has been revised and courses with environmental and social contents have been developed. The social projects that have been developed and expanded over the years constitute an important layer in the effort to bridge and link the Academy with the community.

The following are links to descriptions of projects that award scholarships to their participants:
Students may enroll in all scholarship-awarding projects through the Bezalel website .

The Bezalel Residency Program
The concept for the Bezalel Residency Program was initially developed in Paris, as the result of a partnership between the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation and Beaux-Arts Academy, with the intent to make art and the creative process accessible to elementary schoolchildren from low socio-economic backgrounds. In 2015, a partnership was born between the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation and Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem to establish the Bezalel Residency Program.
Each year, eight outstanding students from Bezalel Academy’s graduate programs are selected to take part in this innovative program, making an impact on hundreds of schoolchildren. The Bezalel Residents are placed in four elementary schools in Jerusalem and four in Tel Aviv where they work 20 hours a week as artists-in-residents, and in exchange they receive full-tuition scholarships and a monthly living stipend. Each Resident receives a classroom within their school, which they transform into an artist studio and together with the children they create authentic art. As the Bezalel Residents guide and teach the elementary school children, they themselves undergo a meaningful experience which advances their personal and professional development.

The "Pirchey Bezalel – A Bridge to Higher Education" Program (in Cooperation with the ShaHaR Division & the Perach Project)

"Establishing Contact – A Dialog through Art" – the Bezalel-SheKeL Project

The HaveRuth-Bezalel-Hadassah Project

Bezalel in East Jerusalem

Students Coaching Students :Bezalel provides solutions and support to students with special needs: students with learning disorders, new immigrants, etc. Support is provided, among other things, through personal coaching on the scope of up to 4 hours per week.
For additional information and registration, contact the Student Deanship office.

All students taking part in Bezalel's social involvement programs are entitled to participate in the "Jerusalem Mixed Platter" course, which provides 4 credit points.
The course combines social activism with annual profile sessions.

For a complete list of courses incorporating social and environmental activism: about/community.