The HaveRuth-Bezalel-Hadassah Project

The project has been launched this year, through a cooperative effort of the HaveRuth organization and the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem, for the benefit of patients at the Hadassah university hospital on Mount Scopus, Jerusalem.
In the context of the program, students from Bezalel's various departments attend weekly meetings with hospital patients, during which they work and create together.
The joint artistic creation adds a human and spiritual dimension to the medical institution, which is often conceived as technical and alienated. The activity empowers the patients by giving them additional meaning and strengths to cope and recover.
The Hadassah Mount Scopus Medical Center and the hospital administrator, Professor Stern, embraced the program with enthusiasm. The activity began at this unique hospital as it provides medical services to the various population segments of Jerusalem – Jews and Arabs, orthodox and secularist Jews, new immigrants, Israelis and Palestinians.
The Bezalel Academy cooperated with this unique project and added it to the range of social projects already operating at the Academy, as it believes the importance of the relations between the Academy and the community and society. The Bezalel students participating in the project come from different backgrounds and were interested in taking part in a project for the benefit of the community.
The bilateral activity enabled the patients and the students to perceive the human dimension through the universal language of art, and helped in turning the hospital into a place of mental healing as well. We hope that this new project of Bezalel and the HaveRuth organization at the hospital constitute a model for other medical centers and for Israeli society in general.
The academic coordinator of the project was lecturer Ora Lev who cooperated with the head of Bezalel's Photography Department, Mickey Kretzman, the Head of the Animation Unit, Professor Ronnie Oren, and the Dean of Students.