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Research & Innovation

Research in the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design focuses on innovative and creative solutions based on theory and praxis in the different departments within the Academy. From academic research to applied solutions we practice an interdisciplinary approach while collaborating with the top academic establishments and research institutes in Israel and worldwide. 

Ongoing Research


Sustainable Urbanism and Green Architecture
Erez Ella Arch. & Barak Pelman Arch.
Ministry of Environmental Protection

Planning in the Age of the British Mandate
Dr. Noa Rubin
Israel Science Foundation

Different Models of Zero Energy Building and their Application in Israel
Ori Shalom Arch. & Jonathan Natanian Arch.
Ministry of Environmental Protection

Archive Project

• Prof. Zvi Efrat
Mifal Hapayis
• Iddo Ginat Arch.
The National Library of Israel

Preparation for Earthquakes

Maya Vinitsky, Eran Lederman, Dr. Shmuel Aroas in collaboration with Dr. Hillel Aviezer (HUJI)
Ministry of Science, Technology and Space

International - EU

• Esprit   
Preparation for participation in the Bologna Process, implementation of recognition systems between Israel, Palestine and eight EU partners and for the contribution of internationalisation to the strategic development of the partner institutions at a medium and long term.

• Crime prevention through environmental design 
COST is a unique means for European researchers, engineers and scholars to jointly develop their own ideas and new initiatives across all fields of science and technology, through trans-European networking of nationally funded research activities.

• Erasmus Mundos 
• TeachEx

Recently completed projects  


EU Partnership for Peace – PUSH – Promoting the Understanding of Shared Heritage 
Promoting the Understanding of Shared Heritage is a EU Partnership for Peace programme with the Al Quds University, the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and the Jordan Society for Sustainable Development.

UNESCO – Memory of the World: National Archive of Art, Architecture and Design


JDA Archive Jerusalem of the mandate period


ISF – Dr. Roy Brand: Love-knowledge (book)

ISF - Dr. Gal Ventura:  Genie is out of the bottle: maternal breastfeeding,
its absence and substitute in French art of the 19th century

ISF - Dr. Eve Aldobi: Federico Fellini - painting in film/painting on film

ISF - Dr. Dalia Manor: 1930-1948 Modern Art in Jewish Palestine

ISF - Dr. Dror Pimental: Dream of Purity; Heidegger and Derrida


Research Cluster Groups

To lead and promote theoretical and applied research across the spectrum of art, architecture and design and their cross disciplinary meeting points with other fields, while adhering to an ethical and socially responsible approach within the community.
Applied Sustainable Design
Interdisciplinary research aimed to create applied sustainable design solutions.
Big-Data and The City
Focusing research on utilizing and applying big data analysis in the urban environment.
Design and Education
Creating research based solutions to improve the new learning space and experience.
Material Design
Research devoted to creating innovative materials, techniques and applications.
RDFD - Relevant Design for Disaster
Lifesaving design solutions for disaster struck environments

Joining Forces

Collaboration with The Hebrew University Jerusalem.
• Arts and Science | Design and Technology competition 2015
Preparation for Earthquakes

UNESCO chair

Chair: Urban Design and Conservation Studies (650), established in 2004 at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem (Israel).

Chairholder: Prof. Michael Turner

European Research projects

Bezalel over the years has developed a programme for international research   within the fields of Arts, Architecture and Design.  This built on the UNESCO Chair in Urban Design and Conservation Studies which was established in 2004.

International research is currently based on the projects of the European Union and UNESCO and has included or includes the following:

TEMPER Project (1996)
TEMPER Project was an international enterprise within the framework of a programme for the conservation and cultivation of cultural heritage, which was financed by the European Community. more...