Architecture: About

Jack D.Weiler


The Architecture Department at the Bezalel Academy aspires to be relevant. For this purpose, it develops itself as a leading academic center that promotes studying, applied research, original creation, critical deliberation and active involvement in the fields of architecture, urban design and city life, environmental and landscape design, building and housing culture.
The Architecture Department aspires to develop an effective academic structure measured not just by its scholar standards and by the quality of projects created therein, but also by the extent of its influence on the professional culture and public discussion in Israel. This specific commitment to Israeli culture and politics is the source for working relations and dialogs with similar academic and professional institutions around the world.

The first concrete and current objective of the Architecture Department is to train proficient, up-to-date professionals who command all of the theoretical, technological and performance aspects of the architectural discipline and who can, upon completing their studies, merge into any cutting-edge professional environment in Israel and abroad.
This objective is a prerequisite and a mandatory foundation for the accomplishment of a more ambitious goal: qualifying a new, vigilant generation of architects/intellectuals – graduates possessing a broad humanistic education, cultured, artistic people who are original and creative, citizens involved in social and political life, assertive planners aspiring to redefine the architect's fields of knowledge and responsibilities in the constantly-changing global environment of the 21st century.

The curricular program at the Architecture Department is oriented toward an integrative concept of theory and practice and takes a particularly strict approach to consolidating the infrastructure upon which the architectural thought and action rely. These infrastructure includes the history and theory of concepts and materials, social and environmental sciences, the languages of art and design, sketching, drawing and planning skills, technique and technology studies, and above all – practicing the resolution of planning and design problems in different contexts and of different scales.

In addition to the regular curriculum, the Architecture Department offers an extensive range of extracurricular activities, including weekly lectures by architects and creative professionals from other disciplines, workshops and master classes by guest architects and theoreticians from overseas, joint projects with sister universities from overseas, joint courses and seminars with public organizations specializing in social and environmental issues, exhibitions, conferences and seminars initiated by the faculty and students of the Department.