Architecture: Course

Jack D.Weiler

Basic Design 1

Sagiv Oren, Arch., Semester 1, Tuesday, 13:00-18:00
The objective of this course is to open up a hatch to the world of architecture by introducing, studying, examining and analyzing architecture on the basis of its cornerstones, through the perspective of man.Using a hands-on experience-based, critical approach, each student will be required to express his/her response to the built-up environment, in reference to a series of historic, canonized buildings that offer a poetic reading of existing structures outside of our immediate environment, as well as buildings in this country, which the students would actually visit as part of the over-all architectural experience of the learning process. The collage of buildings presented and studied during the first curricular year will enable the reading of the map of architectural history – a map presented in direct proportion to the character and image of man in each period. All of this activity will be carried out with a direct link to our own existence here, through a personal mirror of each student.