Architecture: Course

Jack D.Weiler

Building Analysis

Gutman Rivka, Arch., Semester 1, Tuesday, 16:45-19:45
The seminar focuses on a series of architectural basics like Grid, Scale, Via, Campus, Surface, Topography, Object/Anti-Object, etc - and the ways to operate them in the tensions and gaps between the physical space, virtual space and linguistic space. The dilemmas of Publicness arise in the confrontations between contemporary architectural texts and precedents: Boris Groys, Michel Foucault, Hannah Arendt, Deleuze & Guattari, Kenneth Frampton, Michel de Certeau, George Baird, Rafael Moneo, Kengo Kuma and more, according to the bibliography of the seminar.The work at the seminar contrasting 'words' and 'things' in the architectural practices, in order to develop an architectural attitude and expression in the various media of the field, based on canonical knowledge and emphasis on fluency, accuracy - and reasoned personal statement.During the seminar, each student presents in class one referat from the bibliography with his architectural interpretation and approach to text - non-verbal architectural illustration - and leads a discussion, under my guidance, in the various concepts of Publicness in architecture.In addition, each student develops a scheme that presents his personal architectural idea, framework by the Publicness theme, for the group presentation at the end of the semester. This work is presented in narrowed categories of the seminar, based on selecting a single medium (or 3D model, or photo, or drawing, or technical drafting and the like) and a uniform format of A0.These materials are the foundation for a seminar paper written according to academic rules and submitted after the end of the semester.