Architecture: Course

Jack D.Weiler

Domesticity, Film, Trauma

urbach Henry, Semester 2, Wednesday, 10:00-13:00
Domesticity, Film, Trauma takes as its subject modern domestic space and its many fault lines, areas of tension between the home’s aspiration to hominess and its often more complex reality. Rather than a setting, the home will be considered as a protagonist in a wide range of individual, family, and social dramas. The seminar will emphasize ways in which domestic space and life can yield conditions beyond the familiar by closely reading films and architectural projects that reveal the unhomeliness of the home. Writings drawn from architectural history, theory, and criticism, as well as film and psychoanalytic theory, will deepen our engagement with these themes. Students can expect to gain familiarity with a range of films, buildings, and writings through the course of the semester. We will meet for 12 sessions. Each class after the first week will include individual student presentations. Students will also complete an independent film, photography, or architecture project that takes up the issues of the course. Please complete all readings in advance of the first class.