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Jack D.Weiler

Nostalgic Future

(21.1.2021, 13:00, online)


שיבוש disruption تشويش

(20.8.2020-31.8.2020, | Architecture Department, 1 Bezalel Street, Jerusalem city center , )

Bezalel Graduates 2020 | Department of Architecture

Gamechangers Symposium

(09.7.2020, 17:00-20:00, ZOOM)

The Departments of Architecture and the Departments Industrial Design

#TheNewReal | Sameep Padora

(09.6.2020, 17:30, ZOOM / FACEBOOK)

The Department of Architecture is hosting the architect Sameep Padora at Bezalel as part of the special lecture series

The Transfer of Modernity

(31.10.2019, 18:00, Auditorium of the Department of Architecture |Bezalel 1, Jerusalem City Center , )

Lecturer: Dr. Ronnie Schüler, Department of Architecture, Bauhaus University, Weimar as part of the Open House Jerusalem Festival

Venice Architecture Biennale 2020 (the event is postponed)

Faculty members of the Department of Architecture were chosen to curate the Israeli Pavilion

Graduate Exhibition 2019

(18.7.2019-02.8.2019, Bezalel campuses - Jerusalem, )


Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 Clore-Bezalel Scholarship for RCA

Smadar Aukal from the Architecture Department and Ganit Goldstein from the Fashion and Jewelry Department

Prof. Arch. Lydia Kallipoliti and a book launch of "The Architecture of Closed Worlds"

(04.4.2019, Architecture Dept, No 1 Bezalel St., Jerusalem)

Guest of the Architecture Dept.

The War on Architecture: Alfred Neumann, Zvi Hecker, Israel 1960s - a lecture by Rafi Segal

(03.1.2019, 18:00-19:30)

And the book launch: Space Packed: The Architecture of Alfred Neumann By Rafi Segal at the Architecture Dept

The Air-Conditioned Housing Question

(23.5.2018, 18:30-20:00, Hansen House, 14 Gdalyahu Alon St., Jerusalem , )

Public Event at the Urban Design Program

Arch Yuval Bear

(17.5.2018, 13:30, The Architecture Dept, ! Bezalel St, Jerusalem, )

Guest lecture at the Architecture Dept.

Erez Ella: The Capitalist Architect’s Manual

(03.5.2018, 13:30, Architecture Dept, 1 Bezalel st. Jerusalem, )

Guest of the Architecture Dept.

Aron Lorincz

(26.4.2018, 13:00, Architecture Dep. , ! Bezalel St. Jerusalem, )

Guest of the Architecture Dept.

Danish architect and designer Sigurd Larsen

(12.4.2018, 13:30, Architecture Dept. , 1 Bezalel St. Jerusalem, )

Guest of the Architecture Dept.


(26.3.2018, 13:30, Department of Architecture,1 Bezalel St. Jerusalem, )

Guests of the The Department of Architecture

STUDIO PEZ- Daniel Zarhy + Pedro Peña: 3X3 PROJECTS

(22.3.2018, Bezalel Department of Architecture, 1 Bezalel St. Jerusalem, )

Guests of the Architecture Dept.

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