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Jack D.Weiler

Arch Moti Bodek - Biomimicry - Architecture influenced by systems of nature

(12.5.2014-16.4.2014, Potsdam, Germany)

Exhibition of works by Architecture Dept. lecturer

Green Architecture and Living Urbanity

(15.1.2014-31.3.2014, See Below, Bezalel Architecture Library, 1 Bezalel St., corner of Shmuel Hanagid St. Jerusalem, )

The Goethe Institute book display is at the Bezalel Architecture Library

Davidson Norris - LIGHT SPACE

(24.10.2013, 18:30, The Historical Building, 1 Bezalel St., Jerusalem, )

Guest of the Architecture Dept.

Awards and Prizes - December 2012

Awarded to Bezalel Lecturers, Alumni and Students

3rd Year Architecture studio at the Venice Architecture Biennale Sessions 2012

(05.10.2012-08.10.2012, 7 oct, 14:00-18:00, Biennale Venice_Arsenale_Giardini_Bartolini Room F)

Beyond Words: On Autobiographical Lenses, Tutors : Nilly R. Harag and Talia Trainin

Angeliki Zervou (Greece) : Athens: The Perception of the City Through Television Series

(02.1.2012, 18:00, Architecture Dept. Bezalel St., Jerusalem)

Guest Lecturer

On Realism

(23.6.2011-24.6.2011, Fri. 10:00 - Public Lectures, Department of Architecture, Bezalel St, Jerusalem, )

End of Year event at the Architecture Dept.

Vito Acconci

(15.5.2011-16.5.2011, See events and timetable below, )

The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Presents Renowned Artist

Intiligentsia Design: The Synthetic Potential of the Contextual

(הרצאת אורח, 14.3.2011, 14:00, Architecture Dept. Bezalel St.Corner of Shmuel Hanagid, Jerusalem, )

Max Hirsh, on Mass building in East Germany

MATHUR / DA CUNHA : Terrain of Water

(Guest Lecture, 01.2.2011, 17:30, Arch Dept Auditorium; Bezalel Historic Bldg. 1st. Bezalel st. Jerusalem)

Guests of the Architecture Dept

Guest of the Architecture & History and Theory Depts - Carsten Stabenow

(Guest, 14.1.2011, 9:30 - 11:45, Architecture Dept. Bezalel historic Building, 1 Bezalel St., Jerusalem)

Tuned City

Methodology : Stéphane Kervyn

(הרצאת אורח, 30.12.2010, 18:00, Architecture Dept., Bezalel Historic Building, 1 Bezalel St., Jerusalem, )

Guest lecture - Architecture Dept.

Bezalel congratulate graduates on receiving honorable mention for the Archiprix 2009

Bezalel congratulate graduates on receiving honorable mention for the Archiprix 2009

(by: PR)

Bezalel congratulate graduates 2006 on receiving honorable mention and candidacy for the Archiprix 2009 competition for the project entitled "The Dying Sea"

Bezalel congratulates students who won first place in the green architecture design competition

(by: PR)

Bezalel congratulates Iya Freund, Shlomi Asulin, and Roi Friedman students in the architecture

"Charrette" (Design Workshop) - Environmental Peacemaking

FoEME organized a "Charrette" led by architects from Yale University's Urban Design School, together with architects from Israel's Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, and Jordanian and Palestinian architects.

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