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Krispel Jossef

Krispel Jossef

Jossef Krispel (born Vardon, 1974), Is an Israeli artist, a painter, graduate BFA and MFA at the Bazalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem. Senior lecturer at the Fine Art Department since 2006.

Krispel has won many prizes and awards, amongst them: The Rappaprt Prize for a young painter (2008), The Ministor of Culture Prize (2012). Exhibited many solo shows in Israel and abroad, amongst them: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Haifa Museum of Art, Hertzlia Museum of Contemporary Art and Palazzo Medicci Riccardi in Florence.

Krispel is one of the prominent and influensing painters in Israel since the early two thousands, which is identified with his virtuoso abillities and different styles. His paintings depict eros and melancholic worlds, deriven from art histories and myths, deployed on variouse surfaces and sways between drawings and large scale murals, which had found its place in the center of the Israeli society, amongst them: The Meir Medical Center in Kefar Sava, The National Library in Jerusalem, Facebook Tel Aviv and Microsoft Israel.