Ceramics and Glass Design: Courses

Course No. Course Name Teacher Name תחום משנה SemesterTimeCredits
500011accompanying journalKashi Moshfourth year1Wed 10:00-13:004.0
500011accompanying journalKashi Moshfourth year2Wed 14:00-17:004.0
5002043advanced glass blowingShpeizman Boris, Dr.elective1Thu 14:00-17:002.0
5001029Advanced Sculpting and MurriniVagima Liorelective2Thu 14:00-17:002.0
5001014Basic Ceramic TechniquesMaya M Parnasfirst year2Wed 10:00-13:003.0
5001018Basic Ceramic Techniques - exerciseDept Faculty teamfirst year2Tue 09:30-12:30.0
5002059Beads and sculpting in flame workingVagima Liorelective1Wed 10:00-13:002.0
5002029Big Jars workshopCory Jackieelective1Thu 10:00-13:002.0
5001049Casting an emotion - Object Design Through Glass Kiln CastingMekori Einavelective1Thu 10:00-13:002.0
5001010Casting and cold workBiger Lisbethfirst year2Wed 10:00-13:003.0
5002027Ceramic screen printing-basicArmeland Galiaelective1Thu 10:00-13:002.0
5001002Ceramics WorkshopAtsmoni Yaelfirst year1
5001002Ceramics WorkshopBaraness Eliasov Einavfirst year1
5001002Ceramics WorkshopCory Jackiefirst year1
5001002Ceramics WorkshopWakshlak Racheli, Dr.first year1
5002060Color in Clay and GlazesAmnon Amoselective2Thu 10:00-13:002.0
5002021Colour / Porcelain / WheelAbba Iritelective2Wed 10:00-13:002.0
5001005Conceptual Art WorkshopHiIa Lulu Lin Farah Kufer Birim, Proffirst year1Tue 10:00-13:001.0
5001005Conceptual Art WorkshopHiIa Lulu Lin Farah Kufer Birim, Proffirst year2Tue 13:30-16:301.0
5001006Conceptual Art WorkshopKay Ziviafirst year1Tue 10:00-13:001.0
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