Ceramics and Glass Design: Courses

Course No. Course Name Teacher Name תחום משנה SemesterTimeCredits
5001005Conceptual Art WorkshopFarah Kufer Birim HiIa Lulu Linfirst year2Wed 14:00-17:001.0
5001006Conceptual Art WorkshopKay Ziviafirst year1Tue 10:00-13:001.0
5001006Conceptual Art WorkshopKay Ziviafirst year2Wed 14:00-17:001.0
5001001Drawing WorkshopBen-Sasson Muli, Prof.first year1
5001001Drawing WorkshopEhrlich Eran, Dr.first year1
5001001Drawing WorkshopKashi Moshfirst year1
5002049Drawing and MaterialsKashi Moshelective2Tue 14:00-17:002.0
5001019Exercise - PotteryDept Faculty teamfirst year2Thu 10:00-13:00.0
5001035Figurative sculptureEhrlich Eran, Dr.elective1Wed 10:00-13:002.0
5002073Final ProjectDept Faculty teamfourth year1
5002073Final ProjectDept Faculty teamfourth year2
5002054Firing Gas Kilns for Special Effectsavner zingerelective2Thu 14:00-17:002.0
5001011Flame Working - Practice TimeDept Faculty teamfirst year2Thu 14:00-17:00.0
5001007Flame Working StudioKaffeman Dafnafirst year2Mon 14:30-17:303.0
5001040From Environment to ObjectSerber Alexanderelective2Thu 14:00-17:002.0
5001012Glass Blowing - practise timeDept Faculty teamfirst year2Thu 14:00-17:00.0
5001008Glass Blowing FundamentalsMekori Einavfirst year2Thu 10:00-13:003.0
5001004Glass WorkshopBiger Lisbethfirst year1
5001004Glass WorkshopShpeizman Boris, Dr.first year1
505602Graduate exhibition - PortfolioEhrlich Eran, Dr.fourth year1Wed 14:00-17:006.0
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