Industrial Design: Course

Benjamin Swig


Havkin Yigal, Semester 1, Monday, 10:00-13:00
This course deals with the planning, design and technological aspects of working with composite materials.Lesson Subjects:-Introduction of the transition from lamination and cold molding technologies in the processing of wood to technologies associated with composite materials. Review of the most common material categories: polyester, vinylester resin and epoxy resin, glass fibers, Kevlar and carbon fibers.-A review of master and mold building, the principles of planning manufacturing tools and early as well as advanced practices for the manufacturing and assembly of elements made of composite materials.-A review of the various manufacturing technologies – from the early technologies of manual lamination, through working with vacuum bags and pre-saturated fabrics, to state-of-the-art processes involving closed molds and infusion for producing large parts. Industrialized mass-production technologies such as extrusion, poltrusion and compression are presented along with partially industrialized technologies such as RTM, and a discussion on matching the technology to the planned product.During the course, guided tours of industrial plants and planning/design firms will be conducted if possible.