Industrial Design: Course

Benjamin Swig

cars design

Regev Avidor, Semester 1, Tuesday, 14:00-17:00
Car DesignThe course will provide an introduction to the practice of car design.The car is a very central object in our lives. The car extensively interacts with our daily life and inspires our humane experience in ways such as art and psychology. In Art the car is manifested in painting, film, poetry and photography, to mention a few. The car is perceived as a complex and technological object requiring a large scope of methodology and coping with challenging limitations, and therefore intimidating. Nevertheless the car is a marvelous platform for personal expression of individual and passionate visual language by the designer. This is the exact point at which this course focuses on. The goal of the course is to forge an experience of freedom and creativity through the design experience, To allow the experience of control in which the designer will celebrate the ability to evoke feelings and emotions through visual manipulations in the car.As an integral part of the course we shall learn what is a car, the history of car design, and will get introduced to car design trends over the last century, as well as technical factors influencing the design. There will be weekly assignments, partly of acquiring knowledge, and partly of practicing the abilities and skills of car design. The presentations will be in the form of sketches (renderings and model building are welcomed if desired).