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Ganchrow Dov

Ganchrow Dov

Dov Ganchrow (1970 US/IL) is a product designer and senior lecturer in the Industrial Design Department (B.Des, M.Des) at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, from which he graduated with excellence in 1993.

His interests include subcultures, edged tools, martial arts and mountain trekking these also form the foundation of the contemplating through objects of mans place in nature and man as nature.

Currently an independent designer, for over a decade and a half he worked together with prof. Ami Drach (1963-2012) on diverse design projects spanning the fields of medical, consumer, furniture, museum exhibit design alongside the creation of more personal, experimental and conceptual works.

Their works have been shown extensively and are in private and museum collections. These works are often characterized by intelligent use and manipulation of materials and technologies, the incorporation of readymades and as well as humor.

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