Jewelry and Fashion: Faculty Person

Leader Einat, Prof.

Leader Einat, Prof.

Born in Jerusalem,1966. A Jeweller and a researcher in the field of Metalwork as well as in design theory and practice. Graduate of the Jewellery department of Bezalel, Jerusalem (BFA 1992), and Master Degree in Industrial design from the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning, Technion, Haifa (M.Sc. Thesis, 2003).Head of the Jewellery and Fashion department of the Bezalel Academy between the years 2005 -2013. Her works exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, focus on a critical aspect of cultural and material identity. Leader has also curated many solo and group exhibitions and published articles dealing with the effects of experience with materials on the designer's perception and the design and creative process.

Works samples:
• " Non-Affirmative Jewelry" – Einat Leader – Selected works 2009-2012.Text: Tali Tamir, 2012. History and Theory, Bezalel Proceedings, Issue No. 24.

"D-9" The Limbus Gallery, Tel Aviv, May 2003, Curator: Dafna Ichilov, Text: Oz Shelach

Selected Articles:
• "Hi- Craft, Academic Jewelry – from craft work to valued craft", Protocollage 2012: Materia, Dror Pimmental et all (Eds.) Bezalel and Resling, Jerusalem, 2012. Pp. 32-51.
• Sept 2010: 'Materializing Craft: Evaluating the Effects of Experiencing Actual Materials during the Design Process', Design Principles and Practices, an International Journal, Common Ground Publishers, 4th International Conference on Design Principles and Practices, Vol. 4 no. 4. Sept, 2010. Pp. 405-418
• "Curiosity Cabinet: The Earthly Display of the Heavenly Jewel, and Vice Versa". The catalogue of "Heaven and earth", the 4th Biennale of Jewelry, the Eretz Israel Museum, Ramat- Aviv. October, 2007. Pp. 16 - 25.
• "Concerning Craft", in "1280°C", The Ceramic Art Review, Issue 16 - "Simple Language", The Israel Ceramics Organization, pub. Studio, Autumn, 2007, Pp. 41.
• "Material knowledge", 10 Issue of 1280°C, The Ceramic Art Review (guest editor). The Israel Ceramics Organization, pub. Studio, Autumn 2004, Pp. 2-9.

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