Photography: Course

Life that camera is glowing to them""

Zdaka Noa, Semester 1, Tuesday, 10:00-13:00
Zdaka Noa, Semester 1, Tuesday, 14:00-17:00
Even in my sleep I was posing" (Hanna Wilkie) "When I speak I'm more listening than talking" (Wim Wenders) "While receiving the test results in lung C T, I sit cramped at the end of the bed like a little animal. I can't writePoems" (Pinchas Sade)"The most intimate thing is Facebook under the covers" (Zamir Shatz)"We are 'prostitutes' of the web" (Shani Chen) In this course we will try to connect between your life as they stated out in Instegram-Facebook-Twitter-What's up and every possible shape and form in the web, to the "photographic animal" which is being taught and practice in the Art Academy.How the "Subject" was experiencing itself, spoke his world and photographing himself 30 years ago? What technology was doing to the 'self'? Did he gone? Did he crucially and inevitably change? Is the digital configuration led to establish a different kind of 'self'? How the 'self' used to appear in the art world? How dailiness used to appear in the art world? In what way the Art Photography was reflecting day to day routine? Why is it important to encourage performances of triviality in the artistic phrases and why courage is actually needed? And why Lu Landauer was asked where is Treblinka when she exhibit a photograph of a head of a cat?