Photography: Course

Photography Studio A

Flit Sasha, Semester 1, Thursday, 09:15-13:15
Flit Sasha, Semester 2, Thursday, 09:15-13:15
Staged photography allows the photographer to create a world that takes place in the studio or a chosen location. The course will focus on the acquisition of tools for creating a staged world, which is meticulously planned, from the choice of objects and background, through constructing the composition and directing the figures, and up to the choice of the photographic angle and the type of lighting. The course enables the students to make an initial acquaintance with the work procedures in a studio and experience staged photography. The core of the course will take place as a practical workshop in small groups. We will work with cameras in various formats, both with film and digital. We will get to know the lighting equipment and accessories that aid us in the studio. The students will be given homework assignments in staged photography. The lesson plan involves theoretical study, analysis of works of masters in the field, practical work and critique.