Photography: Course

Street Photography

Cohain Yosaif, Semester 1, Sunday, 13:00-16:00
is a great theater of life in which almost anything and everything can and will happen. There is so much out there to learn and see and it is a great visual experience in learning and perception. Our goal in this course is to use our vision in a constantly new and intimate way. Every time in which we go out on our own in this course, we will attempt to experience life in a deeper and more adventurous perception thereby experiencing imagery as we have not done before. This course, offered in English, is designed for the wonderful international student exchange body, to see and experience Jerusalem and those who walk its streets . Regardless of one's department, expertise or photographic training, we will attempt to learn to advance this goal by recording images which we never photographed before. Much of our time together will be involved in sharing with each other that which we "saw", and talking about those adventures during "critiques". Our first meeting will be of critical importance in understanding the credo of this course, its expectations and the rules of the game. I hope that you will find this course to be creative fun and a personal challenge..We will start it this Friday - November 4 at 10:00-13:00 in the historic old Bezalel building located in the center of town. It is situated on the corner of Bezalel Street and Shmuel Hanagid Street, and easily accessible by buses. This course will be limited to 15 students, and those who come to the first session will have priority in securing their place in this class. Please bring a digital camera which has a zoom lens and an automatic mode of working, and also bring your Bezalel T-shirts to wear as we will start our first exercise in seeing during this class. Be on time, meaning- get there early so that you will not miss anything by being late. Please share this letter with your (exchange student) classmates who may not have opened their mails due to this late communication.