Photography: Course

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Kratsman miki, Assoc. Prof., Semester 1, Tuesday, 10:00-13:00
Kratsman miki, Assoc. Prof., Semester 2, Tuesday, 10:00-13:00
In this course, the studio will function as a research laboratory that will strive to examine and define the relationship between the photographic practice and various concepts and working strategies. In each meeting a new idea will be discussed and the students will respond to it by presenting works made by themselves or by others. These works will develop into an annual project. The list of concepts will include subjects such as testimony, evidence, documentation / record, simulation, media coverage, history, narrative etc.The students will diligently work on projects based on an array of ideas - mapping and anti-mapping, the creation of a visual document and its deletion, archive work, a historical and conceptual sabotage - that will develop throughout the course. The participants will be asked to collect relevant texts that will be handed out as part of the course work. The course will enable and encourage group work as well as personal work.