Photography: Course

Narrative strategies in photography

Kep Tomer, Semester 2, Thursday, 14:00-17:00
Beginning with the invention of the cinema in 1895, the medium of photography and cinema are intertwined in an ideological, historical and technological connection. During the course we will learn about this connection by watching the work of photographers who create films and film directors who create photographs. Each student will think and create a filmed scene alongside the creation of photographic stills. We will allow the cinema world to influence our work and the way we formulate and construct a narrative in the photographic series. Emphasis will be placed on directing practices in photography as well as strategies of storytelling in documentary photography, such as travel diaries, personal photography etc.. In our practice we will try to create synergy between the two mediums by watching films and presentations, discussion and conversation, short-term exercises and a final exercise.We will refer to medium format photography (however, every student is free to choose the format he or she wants to work with). The student must make time to watch films in different genres during the course.