Photography: Course

Photography & Identity

Yafman Rona, Semester 1, Thursday, 14:00-17:00
Thoughts on photography and identity are a central, dynamic, productive and contemporary discourse in today's socio-cultural discourse and are widely reflected in the work of local and international photographers. During the course we will discuss theoretical and practical questions of identity through three main themes that will be examined in the lessons. Through Question of Place - We will examine works and artists whose identities are defined and differentiated through a view of space, territory, geographic and landscape. Through Body and Portrait - We will focus on photographic types that center the gaze on body, face, origin, gender, sexuality, and more. And through photography as an identity - we examine inward-looking photography into the photography discourse in order to examine and define the identity of the medium and its changing and evolving status. The course will focus on imparting knowledge and tools to reinforce critical approaches and self-esteem as a generator of photographic practice, through conceptions of identity and the construction of each student's and students' personal perspectives for the benefit of photographic and personal language formulation.During the semester, we will embark on a personal biographical journey with the camera, looking at ourselves and our surroundings, closer and further, and opening awareness and knowledge of such values as: gender identity and fairness, queer, environmental and personal identity, nationality, nationalism and more, while exploring each and every point The unique look for her and him. In the meantime, we will recognize selected local and international creators whose work focuses on identity questions, and on the three major themes defined for the course, through various approaches and mediums such as photography, video, cinema, performance, literature and more.The course will take place "as an identity search campaign", during which "we will open windows", "reflect through mirrors" - and reach wonderful places.