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In the 2014-2015 academic year, the Photography Department Bezalel will address the theme of the "missing image" in a series of workshops, conferences, seminars, and exhibitions in the department's Photography Gallery. Read more


Bezalel Graduates 2020 | Photography Department

(07.8.2020-31.8.2020, The New Gallery – Teddy Stadium (Gate 22), Jerusalem, )


Jan Tichy | The Materiality of Light

(25.5.2020, 17:30, ZOOM)

ZOOM Lecture at the Photography Department

זהויות | Identities

(10:00-18:00, 28.1.2020-29.1.2020, 222 Auditorium, Bezalel Campus, Mt. Scopus, )

Conference at the Photography Dept.

At a Second Glance: A Contemporary Re-examination of the KKL-JNF Photo Archive

(04.4.2019-21.5.2019, 97 Yaffo St. Jerusalem)

Presented by the archive and the Photography Department

Showreal - Exhibition

(17.6.2018-07.6.2018, Bezalel Photography Gallery, Mt Scopus Campus, )

Students- Alumni - Teachers : Photography Dept


(15.3.2018-29.3.2018, Photography Dept Gallery, Mt. Scopus Campus, )

Exhibition : Department of Architecture, in cooperation with the Department of Photography

Barak Rubin - Exhibition , Winner of the #3 Bezalel Photography Award

(25.10.2017-30.11.2017, 13:00, Bezalel Photography Gallery' Mt. Scopus)

A graduate of the Photography Department and the MFA program

Album - An exhibition in memory of Yossi Breger

(16.5.2017-31.5.2017, 16:00, at the Bezalel Photography Gallery, )

at the Bezalel Photography Gallery

Bezalel Photography Prize #3

Bezalel Photography Prize #3

Last submission date: July 7, 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the Clore-Bezalel Scholarship for RCA

for Masters programs at the Royal College of Arts London: Itamar Freed and Ayelet Shats are the winners of the 2016 Clore-Bezalel Scholarship

Depth of field - Beit HaGefen Art Gallery and the Photography department Bezalel

(18.3.2016-30.4.2016, Gallery Beit HaGefen, Arab Jewish Cultural Center, Haifa)

Curators: Dr. Dor Guez and Yeala Hazut

Announcement of a permanent exhibition at Jerusalem’s Magistrate Court

Announcement of a permanent exhibition at Jerusalem’s Magistrate Court

Within the framework of the photography departmentת Deadline 3.3.2016

Bezalel Photography Prize #2

Bezalel Photography Prize #2

Deadline for Submission - May 23, 2016

Thomas Galler :Palm trees — Sunsets — Turmoil

(20.10.2015-19.11.2015, Photogarphy dept Gallery, Bezalel, Mt Scopus Campus, )

Bezalel Photography Prize winner 2015

Einfühlung - Photography Exhibition at the Goethe Institute

(14.3.2014-14.4.2014, See inside, Goethe Institute Sokolov 15, Jerusalem)

Curator: Gustavo Sagorsky

Eitan Shoker won the Council for Higher Education's Prize

in Memory of Shosh Berlinsky-Sheinfeld for Social Involvement in the Community.

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