Screen-Based Arts: Course

Character design & storyboard

Nadav Noam, Semester 1, Monday, 10:00-13:00
Nadav Noam, Semester 1, Monday, 14:00-17:00
The course constitutes a preparatory course for developing the basic fundamental skills necessary to integrate the pre-production of an animated film. The first part of the course presents principles - the basis for designing an animated character and historical examples to clarify these principles. Likewise the students will practice designing and developing a personal character, starting a simple basic form and moving on to more complex text-based applications of the same figure. At the same time, the students learn about using the storyboard as a basic tool for creating animation, and practice it while applying skills in the fields of drawing, photography, film history, perspective and creative writing. In this part of the course students are introduced to the film story's visual aspects and their practical use using storyboard. In the third part of the course, near the middle of the first semester, students will practice designing environments, internal and external, to improve skills and enrich their knowledge in creating a storyboard.