Visual Communication: Course

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (IL)


Katsir Anat, Prof., Semester 2, Tuesday, 10:00-17:00
These are exciting times for the world of newspapers and magazines. The technological developments that allows us to be updated in real time, and our contemporary urban life that creates interactions between the physical and the virtual – force the newspapers and the magazines to reinvent themselves.?While the traditional newspapers are struggling to survive, a whole new and exciting world of self-published street magazines is emerging. ?Everyone who has anything to say - does it. Without budget, without censorship - urban space has become an exciting arena of communication and self expression. Whether it is the streets of New York, Oslo or Tel Aviv, you can find the most interesting and relevant zines in the streets.?In this course we will research and explore street magazines. We will see how a single person can make an impact and a change. After a few short assignments each of you will create his/her own fanzine based on original content that you created, or chosen content that you collected, edited and made your own.?The purpose of this course is to re-examine conventions of printed media, on one hand, and to explore the not obvious relations between personal content and communication, printed media and urban space, on the other, in order to create a new urban experience.?By the end of the course we will hold a fanzine sale during which you will sell copies of your fanzine.?This course is suitable to all students (designers, illustrators, interactive designers, poets etc.). ????