Visual Communication: Course

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (IL)

documentary illustration: Time and Memory

Seliktar Gilad, Semester 2, Thursday, 14:00-18:00
Illustrate documentary flowing documentation, observation, monitoring, however sharpens the documents illustrator with the a position, which he transmits visual means available. In the course "documentary illustration: Time and Memory" we'll study and Figure narrative and document in a variety of topics, places, times, and stories,While an examination of the relationship between the object documentation, News and illustrator format. At the same time, we do not stop to experience the power and function of the line, and the visual language. The course offers a connection between the positions as a journalist observes, interprets and responds to eventually processor and create a complete visual system, which exists separately from the object of the documentation. These framework students will gain experience in a wide range of documentary sources of inspiration as well as enable them to experience a variety of platforms expressions, such as comics, illustration, drawing, and collage