Visual Communication: Course

Caesarea Foundation, Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild

Last One Out

Halevy Lahav, Semester 1, Tuesday, 10:00-17:00
Everything is politics, and everybody has opinions about it. Some hate foreigners, some believe the stronger shall survive. Some are willing to step on bodies on their way up, others will do anything to save the last Panda bear on earth. People go to vote once in few years, and sit in their living room and whine for the rest of the time.But we are professionals.This class is about politics, or actuality, which means it is about the world we all live in. It is about how the reality that surrounds us meets our - designers, illustrators, etc. - work.The base is simple - every week we choose the hottest topic in the news, and one week later, each one brings an end result of their opinion about the topic. No sketches, no weeek-to-week improvement of the same idea.The end-result can be a poster, a video installation, it can be a weekly caricature or a pile of garbage. Whatever. as long as it is coherent, understood, and of course - brilliant.Having to stand in front of your work and "explain" it to the viewer has nothing to do with this class.Along the semester we will try to understand (as well as learn how to deal with) the difficulties of coming with a fresh idea every week. At times the subject is boring, other weeks it is of no importance, sometimes we understand nothing about the subject. personally (markets crisis? a war in Africa? Syrian refugees in Hungary? who the f**k cares?).And yet, it is part of our job to bring a solution to any given task we get. And this we shall all do.Along the way we will go through the history of political design, ask questions about its importance, see examples of work, documentaries. We will listen to music, see video art. Laugh.To cry, each one of us can do in their own time at home.