Visual Communication: Course

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundation (IL)

Global—Local: transmedia

Sahar Michal, Semester 1, Tuesday, 10:00-17:00
The information revolution brought with it access to seemingly infinite knowledge, but one that suffers from all the disadvantages of globalization such as lack of hierarchy, agenda, and contextuality, and the domination of global foreign forces. Heterogeneity and diversity, as well as cultural traditions and assets (knowledge and tools dependent on culture and place), are becoming increasingly isotropic, and less accessible.Visual Communication deals with the production and representation of information that leads to action. Our tools are qualitative and experiential, a tremendous infrastructure for creating a distinct and effective message/story that will enable us to generate new ways of reading, shifts, and comments on real-time “burning” issues.Following models such as Colors Magazine, the course seeks to produce a personal/subjective reading on a multicultural, contemporary and relevant theme (from a list of topics) that can be mapped on time and culture axes. This type of project can be a call-to-action, a knowledge-sharing platform, a catalog-mapping project, and even to offer methodologies for dealing with unexpected scenarios in DIY format, or an open web platform growing in real-time.The workflow will include research, content collection and mapping, selection, editing, development of graphic language, and application in various platforms (print, digital, motion, interactive, etc.). Our mission is to deal with complex information, using tools of iconography, typography, Ready-made materials (historical and contemporary documents from all areas of visual culture) and its visual representation and realization.