Visual Communication: Course

Caesarea Foundation, Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild

A Young Person in a Foreign City

Nadav Noam, Semester 1, Thursday, 14:00-17:00
The first meeting with the tough, dazzling Middle Eastern environment of the city of Jerusalem, has a significant impact on young people (Israelies & foreigners alike).This experience helps in creating a narrative-design work that evolves from this encounter.During the course the students will create a series of works based on a personal story and their experience of the city and its cultural/ethnic/physical presence, as well as a personal diary (of which the subject and media will be of their choosing).This course is intended mainly for exchange students and Israeli students for whom Jerusalem is a kind of foreign land. Students will be asked to create projects in which they present their experiences in and thoughts about this foreign, complex and intense city.The course will be conducted in English, with occasional Hebrew translation.