Visual Communication: Course

Caesarea Foundation, Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild


Kichka Michel, Prof., Semester 2, Monday, 09:00-13:00
Good drawing skills are needed for those who wish to take the class Cartoon have grown up since the very beginning of the pressCartoon is a unique tool for expressing opinions and critics, but has also been used as a propaganda tool.Cartoon find themselves today in the heart of the debate on the limits of freedom of expression The ClassBasic skills in drawing is absolutely necessary to take part to the classThe class will be a kind of laboratory of ideas and experiments.Work will be intensive and will be based on analysis of news on different medias.We will analyse cartoons published in real time on different topics world wide.We will watch and criticise cartoons done on events like September 11, WW I and WW II,the Mohamed cartoons and the isareli-palestinian conflict. We will read and discuss the limits of freedom of speech, censorship, stereotypes, anti-semitism and so on. The GoalsEach student will develop his own visual language and will expose his point of view on different topics.The spirit of the work has to be personal, controversial, alternative, criticising, militant.The works will be debated in the class with the participation of all the students.We will try to develop a platform to publish our work in progress. BonusWe will meet the works of famous cartoonists in Israel and worldwide.We will visit the Cartoon and Comics Museum in Holon.We will visit the Yad Vashem archive of cartoons done during WW II.We will invite artists to the class or meet them in their studio.