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Financial Support

Accommodations in Jerusalem

Dormitories – during the academic year students may reside at the Students Village and Reznik dormitories, belonging to the Hebrew University Campus on Mount Scopus.
Registration will be arranged through the Student Deanship office and through the Bezalel website ( only, during the summer months. Students of the Academy should fill out the application form available through the website. All applications will then be submitted to the management of the dormitories. All subsequent processing of the applications for dormitory accommodation, as well as the payment arrangements and allocation of rooms will be handled by the management of the dormitories at the Hebrew University.
Students with specific personal issues may contact the Financial Support Coordinator, Mrs. Ilana Deborin-Cohen, at 02-5893269 or by E-Mail:

"Ossim Shechuna" – youth localities in Jerusalem: scholarships awarded by the Jerusalem Development Authority and the Jewish Agency.
Accommodations are available at the young artists' locality in the French Hill neighborhood, close to the Mount Scopus campus, as well as in the Quiryat-Menachem, Gonenim and Quiryat-Yovel neighborhoods of Jerusalem.
Participants in this program will be eligible to a scholarship of 21,000 NIS extended over a period of three or four years. In the context of the project, the students will reside in the aforementioned neighborhoods and be required to engage in social and artistic activity with the local inhabitants, on the scope of 200 hours per year. The scholarship will be awarded for this social-artistic activity.
The scholarship is intended for students in their second year of studies or higher.
Additional details :


Tuition Scholarships Awarded by the Academy
The Academy offers tuition scholarships to students studying at the Bezalel Academy. All students, studying in all departments and for all degrees, are entitled to submit an application for a tuition scholarship. Scholarships are awarded exclusively on the basis of a review of economic/financial eligibility. Scholarship amounts may vary – from partial to full coverage of the student's tuition fees. Special cases, as all cases, will be discussed by the scholarship committee.
Students found to be eligible for a Bezalel tuition scholarship would have to commit to engaging in voluntary community work on the scope of 20 hours per year.
For additional information, contact Mrs. Ilana Deborin-Cohen, phone 02-5893269.
or by E-Mail:

Subsistence Scholarships Awarded for Personal Coaching & Social Involvement
This project is intended exclusively for students found by the Academy to be eligible for a tuition scholarship. Personal coaching will be provided on the scope of up to 4 hours per week. In return, coaching students will receive scholarships.
Subsistence scholarships will be awarded to students in their second through fifth year of studies for personally coaching students with special needs (learning disabilities, new immigrants, etc.) or in exchange for their activity in social involvement projects.

Scholarships Awarded by ISEF
ISEF (= International Sephardic Education Foundation) is one of Israel's longest running private scholarship foundations as well as a social Zionist organization dedicated to narrowing Israel's socio-economic gaps and promoting equal opportunities for education throughout Israeli society, by making higher education more accessible.
ISEF’s core values are: promoting education as a primary means for individual and national development, empowering social commitment, enhancing the individual's personal identity and ethnic heritage in the context of the multi-cultural nature of Israeli society, and strengthening Israel as a Jewish democratic state.
The main target population that ISEF regards as the key for the realization of its vision consists of students who have completed their military/national service, coming from Israel's economic and social periphery, possessing the potential for personal excellence and academic success and having a background and interest in social involvement.
Membership in ISEF's program includes: academic excellence in cooperation with the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, personal and academic coaching, participation in the Social Commitment & Leadership Program that includes 13 meetings (on Fridays) over the course of the academic year, and participation in educational-community activity on the scope of 4 hours per week.
Students accepted as members of the Foundation enjoy substantial financial support while combining their personal identity with social commitment and community activity. The Foundation supports and accompanies students studying for a bachelor's degree and provides its members with an extensive support system beyond the tuition scholarship. During the 2012-2013 academic year the ISEF scholarship ranged between 13,500 and 16,000 NIS per year, per student for students studying for a bachelor's degree.
The process of applying for membership in the ISEF program includes personal information forms, a selection workshop and a personal interview.
For additional details, call 02-5882374 or contact

Scholarships Awarded by Various External Funds

Notifications regarding scholarships awarded by external funds are posted on the notice board of the Student Deanship and on the bulletin boards of the departments, announced through the Bezalel website and distributed through the Bezalel students' E-Mail. Students are advised to keep current throughout the academic year.

The Ministry of Immigrant Absorption & the Jewish Agency
Students who are new immigrants and students who are temporary residents (and/or on a student's visa) may receive assistance through the Students Administration in the form of payment for their tuition fees, subsistence scholarships and dormitory accommodations. For details, contact the Student Administration office directly at 6, Hillel Street, Jerusalem, phone 02-6214555 (or through the representative of the immigration department abroad).


The Bezalel Academy Loan Fund

The Bezalel Academy offers students two loans provided by Bezalel's own loan fund. All students in all departments, as well as students studying for a master's degree on a full scale or partial curriculum of not less than 15 credit points, may apply for these loans. Loans for students on a partial curriculum will be granted proportionately, according to the scope of the student's curriculum. The granting of all loans is subject to the approval of the Loans Committee. These loans are intended for the academic year during which they were taken. Applications for loans may be submitted between September 15, which is the deadline for the down payment for the coming academic year, and June 30, which is the final day of the academic year. Loans should be repaid over the course of the year during which the loan had been taken, and settled not later than August 30 (the final settlement date for fourth-year students will be September 15). Loans will be up for immediate repayment/settlement in any one of the following situations:
• The debtor has dropped out.
• The debtor has failed to keep his/her scheduled repayments.
All loans are linked to the consumer price index only.
Program A: Loan for Tuition Fees
Loans for payment of tuition fees, up to one half of the total tuition fees, may be granted, at the discretion of the Loans Committee, without guarantors. The loan will only be authorized in cases where the student had paid the first half of his/her tuition fees by April 15.
Program B: Loan for Other Purposes
The total amount of loans of this type, in the academic year 2012, will not exceed one half of the total tuition fees for full-fledged students.
These loans are not intended for payment of tuition fees.
Only students who have already paid the full tuition fee for that academic year will be eligible for these loans. Loans will be granted subject to the signatures of two guarantors, whose monthly salary is not less than 3,000 NIS, or a single guarantor whose monthly salary is 7,000 NIS or more. An attorney or accountant or the comptroller/vice president of the Academy will endorse (with his/her signature) the guarantors' signatures.
These loans will be repaid in up to 10 installments, provided the last payment is made by August 30th of that academic year (fourth year students may settle the loan by September 15th).
Application procedure: fill out the application form and submit personally to the Student Deanship office. The application will be discussed at the Loans Committee, and a reply would be sent by mail.

The Ministry of Education's Loan Fund for Students at Institutions of Higher Education
The loans, in various amounts, are granted with a low rate of interest, to be repaid following completion of the term of studies. Notices regarding the loan application submission times are published annually in the national press and on the bulletin boards at the Academy at the beginning of the academic year. Once the notice has been published, application forms may be purchased for a nominal fee from the Academon stores at the Mount Scopus campus and the Giveat-Ram campus.