The "Pirchey Bezalel – A Bridge to Higher Education"

Four years ago, the Bezalel Academy opened its gates to the schoolchildren of Jerusalem through a unique project. The project evolved as a result of a cooperative effort of the Academy, the Education & Welfare Services Division of the Ministry of Education, Perach (Coaching Project) and the Innovative Teaching Fund.
The program is made up of two elements:

  1. The "Exposure" program, intended to introduce the schoolchildren of Jerusalem and the vicinity to the fields of art and design. Through this element of the program, about 10,000 elementary school pupils have thus far attended a day of creative experience at Bezalel.
  2. The in-depth program: 110 high-school students (of the tenth through twelfth grades), located by the Education & Welfare Services Division of the Ministry of Education and selected to be included in the program according to their skills, take part in this element of the program.
    The program lasts three years, during which these high-school students are introduced to the abundant offerings of the various departments at the Academy: industrial design, fine arts, photography, jewelry design, ceramic design, architecture, animation and visual communication.
    The fact that the participating pupils study in an academic environment constitutes a means for boosting their motivation to higher achievements in the present, and forms a bridge to higher education in the future.