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 Bezalel - Journal af Visual & Material Culture

Bezalel Journal of Visual and Material Culture is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design, Jerusalem. The journal wishes to act as a platform for a critical discussion of issues associated with visual and material studies. The journal wishes to offer new scholarly approaches that blur the boundaries of the familiar disciplinary canon and encourage interdisciplinary consideration of visual and material culture in the fields of contemporary art, photography, experimental cinema, digital images, interactive interfaces, animation, digital architecture, product design, fashion, contemporary craft, ceramics, and jewelry. The journal is subjected to rigorous peer review and is accompanied by a professional steering committee. Two issues will be published annually. 

Editor in Chief:  Ory Bartal

Editor: Dalya Yafa Markovich

Board:  Eva Illouz, Housni Alkhateeb Shehada, Tal Ben Zvi, Ory Bartal, Eran Dorfman, Gal Ventura, Aim Deuelle Luski, Neomi Meiri-Dan, Lyat Friedman, Orly Shevi

Board Members: Said Abu Shakra, Tamar Elor, Zvi Efrat, Nurith Knaan Kedar, Orly Lubin, Hannah Nave, Yigal Nizri, Haviva Pedaya, Yigal Zalmona.


Visual Activism - Issue #3, May 2016
On Criticism & Criticality - Issue #2, June 2015
Beyond the Object - Issue #1 , August 2014


The Protocols

The on-line, bilingual and judiciable periodical History & Theory: the Protocols is uploaded to the web four times a year in October, February, April and July. This academic periodical publishes theoretical essays, critical columns and virtual exhibitions, and as such, it represents the range of opinions at the Bezalel Academy and outside it.
The July issue, uploaded to the web once a year, is devoted entirely to articles, project portfolios and critical essays by students from the various departments of the Bezalel Academy.
Protocollage: a collection of articles from the on-line periodical "History & Theory: the Protocols". Once a year, the History & Theory Department produces a limited printed edition which contains specially-ordered articles or articles published in the on-line periodical

Issue No. 29 : Quiet Please! On Silence and Acts of Silencing

Call for Papers - Issue 29 : QUIET PLEASE:ON SILENCES AND ACTS OF SILENCING (Submission Aug. 1st' 2013)

Issue 28 : Illustration: A Dialogue Between Text and Picture, July 2013

Issue 27: The Uncanny, Spring 2013


Issue 26: Conflict: Antagonism and Creation, Winter 2012
Issue 25: The Protocols of Bezalel’s Young, July 2012
Issue 24: Zug o Pered, Spring 2012
Issue 23: Void, Information and Uncertainty, February 2012
Issue 22: On the Sensual in Art, October 2011
Issue 21: The Protocols of Bezalel’s Young, July 2011
Issue 20: Readings, April 2011
Issue 19: Future’s Past: The Italian Futurism and its Influence, January 2011
Issue 18: Dead End, October 2010
Issue 17: The Protocols of Bezalel’s Young, July 2010
Issue 16: Modes of Creation: Jewelry and Fashion, April 2010
Issue 15: Comics and Caricatures, January 2010
Issue 14: Germania, September 2009
Issue 13: Off the Record, July 2009
Issue 12: Time: Between Science and the Arts: April 2009
Issue 11: Photography and the Political Arena, January 2009

Issue 10: The Left, the Right and the Holy Spirit, October 2008

Issue 09: The Protocols of Bezalel’s Young, July 2008

Issue 08: Animation Today, April 2008



Issue 07: Layers of Time: Life, Death, Memory, January 2008


Issue 06: Models: Between Science and Art, November 2007


Issue 05: The Protocols of Bezalel’s Young, July 2007


Issue 04: The Ides of April, March 2007



Issue 03: The Beauty Shock, October 2006


Issue 02: Contemporary Curatorship, New Approaches, April 2006


Issue 01: Parallel Lines, November 2005