Visual and Material Culture: About

 The  Department of Visual and Material Culture offers students an engaging intellectual environment for the study of Visual and Material Culture from the varied perspectives offered by historiography, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, economics and gender studies.

The multiplicity of methodological and theoretical approaches that are being taught at the department, in conjunction to the development of each student's creative skills as part of her/his professional studies, offers a unique platform for the development of an independent self-reflective critical perspective, alongside the study of both historical and contemporary Visual and Material Culture.

The department's curriculum reflects its spirit of pluralism and is designed to offer students a wide understanding of visual products within socio-cultural and political contexts, as well as develop an understanding of the contemporary world, and specifically of contemporary culture and society. This is achieved by equating the students, during the various stages of their study at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, with the languages, interpretative tools, intellectual, critical and disciplinary discourses, and analytical frameworks that define contemporary Visual Culture Studies. In parallel the various courses offered by the department seek to form a strong and dynamic relation between each student's artistic and professional practices and an understanding of the theoretical aspects that define her/his work with the intention of offering students a strong basis for the development of their creativity, techniques and critical thinking.

Alongside these, the curriculum seeks to offer students integral academic research and writing skills, which will enable them to participate in the various scholarly activities of the department – including several academic conferences that are hosted by the department every year, the publication of a peer-reviewed E-Journal, History and Theory: the Protocols, and the annual publication of a printed collection of essays on Visual Culture.

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All Bezalel’s students are required to take courses in the History and Theory Department. The classes in the department continue over four years parallel to the studies in Bezalel’s other departments and units. In the first two years, the students acquire credits by taking compulsory courses and in the next two years, students may acquire credits by taking elective courses.