Visual and Material Culture: Courses

* semester "L" is summer 2016

Course No. Course Name Teacher Name תחום משנה SemesterTimeCredits
1700697Biology Lab for Art and DesignBar Shai Nuritadvanced elective1Sun 12:30-16:002.0
1700698Psychoanalysis and the VisualBenyamini Itzhak, Dr.advanced elective1Sun 14:30-16:001.0
1800113The Happening History of Video ArtLeibman Ronenadvanced elective1Sun 14:30-16:001.0
2700642Isralis in the mirror of comicsFarber Tsahiadvanced elective2Sun 12:30-16:002.0
2700671Chaos, Randomness, Non-DesignMichalowicz Jerzyadvanced elective1Sun 10:30-12:001.0
2700673Gods & Saints for Rent: Religious Motifs in Secular Visual CultureMeiri-Dan Neomi, Dr.advanced elective1Sun 14:30-16:002.0
2700676Introduction to Sustainability- From practice to TheoryBitterman Michaladvanced electiveLSun 09:30-15:002.0
2700686Brutalism as a social & aesthetic idea between architecture and artSavin Liat, Dr. Arch.‎advanced elective1Sun 12:30-14:001.0
2700697Art and Desire: A Critical PerspectiveRonel Yoavadvanced elective2Sun 10:30-12:001.0
2700702Introduction to Network TheoryTamir Boaz, Dr.advanced elective2Sun 10:30-12:001.0
2700717Doing Justice: Ideology, Discourse & Language in Art & DesignMayyan Sagyadvanced elective2Sun 10:30-12:001.0
2700718The Blue Front - Between the sea and the beachEitan Michaladvanced electiveLSun 09:30-15:002.0
2800135Making voice of singingMenda-Levy Oded, Dr.advanced elective2Sun 12:30-14:001.0
9401206Alice in WonderlandBlich Baruch, Dr.advanced elective2Sun 16:30-18:001.0
1700607Art in ContextNelson Nirithelective1Fri 10:30-12:002.0
1700678Beneath the Surface: Shifting grounds in the contemporary Art WorldRuff Rotemelective1Sun 16:30-18:002.0
1700688The OtherPimental Dror, Dr.elective1Sun 16:30-18:002.0
2700673Gods & Saints for Rent: Religious Motifs in Secular Visual CultureMeiri-Dan Neomi, Dr.elective1Sun 14:30-16:002.0
2289Tutoring for DyslecticsHershko-Sher Shellyelective intro.L
330Reading Comprehension Level 4Dershovitz JoannaEnglish1Sun 16:30-18:00.0
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