Visual and Material Culture: Courses

* semester "L" is summer 2016

Course No. Course Name Teacher Name תחום משנה SemesterTimeCredits
9306696Palestinian Art: The Quest for IdentityAlkhateeb Shehada Housni, Dr.seminar1Sun 12:30-14:004.0
9306697Material Culture of ScienceBen-Zaken Pro. Avner, Prof.seminar1Sun 14:30-16:004.0
9400236Music, Architecture, Time, SpaceKaduri Yael, seminar1Sun 10:30-12:004.0
9400238- Issues in Israeli CultureBerger Tamar, Dr.seminar1Sun 14:30-18:004.0
9400250The Pleasures of Life in Western ArtBenninga Sara, seminar1Sun 10:30-12:004.0
9400251Photography as document and as evidenceBoshi Roypro seminar1Sun 10:30-12:004.0
9400253Hollywood on the Nile: Constructing Identity through Egyptian CinemaSagui Bizawe Eyalpro seminar1Sun 10:30-12:004.0
9400257Israeli FashionMarzel Shoshana Rose, seminar1Sun 16:30-18:004.0
9400258me-storyWeitz Yona, seminar1Sun 16:30-18:004.0
9400259Avant-garde: Between the Historical and FuturisticLivnat Aviv, seminar1Sun 16:30-18:004.0
9400260Reading the Shopping MallMenda-Levy Oded, seminar1Sun 16:30-18:004.0
9400261Brutalism: Modernism or Post?Savin Liat, Dr. Arch.‎pro seminar1Sun 10:30-12:004.0
9400263A variety of Jewish identities in artSteinberg Ronit, seminar1Sun 16:30-18:004.0
9400264Visual Art in the Islamic WorldAlkhateeb Shehada Housni, seminar1Sun 10:30-12:004.0
9401209Death in th Western CultureSalah Asherpro seminar1Sun 10:30-12:004.0
9401225The Visual Seduction: Japanese AdvertisingBartal Ory, seminar1Sun 16:30-18:004.0
9401227Trends in the 21st century artAronov Igor, seminar1Sun 16:30-18:004.0
9401232The Philosophical ThingPimental Dror, seminar1Sun 10:30-12:004.0
9401243Reflections on the Child in Contemporary CultureZehavi Ohad, seminar1Sun 10:30-12:004.0
9900050Fundamental concepts in cultureBar-tal Eliyafirst+second year1Sun 14:30-16:001.0
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