Visual and Material Culture: Courses

* semester "L" is summer 2016

Course No. Course Name Teacher Name תחום משנה SemesterTimeCredits
2700717Doing Justice: Ideology, Discourse & Language in Art & DesignMayyan Sagyadvanced elective2Sun 10:30-12:001.0
2800127Design and Material CultureZahavi Reuven, Dr.first+second year dept.2Sun 12:30-14:001.0
2800129History of 20th Centurey ArchitectureGinat Iddo, Arch.second year2
2800130Introduction to Film HistorLandesman Ohad, Dr.first+second year dept.2Sun 12:30-14:001.0
2800132Thinking ArtPimental Dror, Dr.first+second year dept.2Sun 12:30-14:001.0
2800135Making voice of singingMenda-Levy Oded, Dr.advanced elective2Sun 12:30-14:001.0
2800138Introducation to Fashion of the 20th CenturyKraizberg Michal, Dr.first+second year dept.2Sun 12:30-14:001.0
2800141Introduction to the History of PhotographyBoshi Royfirst+second year dept.2Sun 12:30-14:002.0
2800143The History of Graphic Design in Israelaxenfgld stavfirst+second year dept.2Sun 12:30-14:001.0
9301613The Big City: Space, Identity, TextMenda-Levy Oded, Dr.seminar2Sun 14:30-16:004.0
9301628Craft in the 21 Century: Actual Design & Material Culture IssuesZahavi Reuven, Dr.seminar2Sun 14:30-16:004.0
9306663Reading & Writing PoetryPimental Dror, Dr.seminar2Sun 16:30-18:004.0
9306667In theory: the final projectGinsburg Ruth, project paper2Sun 16:30-18:002.0
9306667In theory: the final projectShevi Orlyfinal project paper2Sun 16:30-18:002.0
9306669How to Recognize a Work of Art When You See OneZehavi Ohad, Dr.seminar2Sun 12:30-14:004.0
9306671The Image of Desire: Sexuality and / as TransgressionSetter Shaul, seminar2Sun 10:30-12:004.0
9306674Unnatural Intelligence & Virtual RealityTamir Boaz, Dr.seminar2Sun 12:30-14:004.0
9306677In theory: the final projectLavi Liat, project paper2Sun 12:30-14:002.0
9306677In theory: the final projectNelson Nirithfinal project paper2Sun 12:30-14:002.0
9306678New Perspectives on Documentary CinemaLandesman Ohad, seminar2Sun 10:30-12:004.0
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