Visual and Material Culture: Course

Souvenirs The Material Culture of Tourism

bulgaru orit, Dr., Semester 1, Wednesday, 14:00-17:00
Almost every one of us is a collector of souvenirs. We like reminders for moments and special occasions - and the mementos do exactly that - they remember. The souvenir, the object, is intended to become a sensory and concrete moment. Its physical form, its material properties are meant to mediate, to capture in time, to preserve and process a slippery experience.In the course we will examine how the tourist souvenir is packaged and designed, what values are embodied in it (collectibles, authenticity, gift) and how the souvenir operates as a fetish, totem and a desirable postcard that is part of the marketing of the tourism industry.After an introductory unit that will present key theories of contemporary tourism alongside issues related to memory (including cultural memory and memory image), the course will examine various objects from the tourist world: veduta paintings, snow bubble, postcards, miniatures in 2D and 3D, touristic and ethnographic photographs as well as craft and airport art. This examination will stem from an interdisciplinary