Visual and Material Culture: Course

Introduction to the History of Costume

Kraizberg Michal, Dr., Semester 1, Sunday, 12:30-14:00
The Course will explorethe variable meanings, functions and the configuration of the historical graments as a "story tailor/teller of the western civilization". We will follow an evolutionary path from the 'classical' era of the Greece to the late 18th in a chronological order, that ties history and historical costumes in context with Art, Economc,Social, Political and Cultural points of view, as well as Gender issues. The course will explore the affinity between times and places, subjects and societies, textures and colors. We will expose their inability fo act apart as opposed to their coordinationg functions that aloow us to follow through norms and act out through conventions. The purpose of this course is to enable and to appraciate the essentiality of clothes as defying status, characterizing appearances and empower the self VS the collective.