Visual and Material Culture: Course

Brutalism as a social & aesthetic idea between architecture and art

Savin Liat, Dr. Arch.‎, Semester 1, Sunday, 12:30-14:00
The title Brutalism was given to a movement in modern art, due to its brute aspiration for authenticity and the wide usage of raw concrete in architecture. However, Brutalism or "New Brutalism" was actually a set of aesthetic and social ideas which formulated in Europe after world war II, and rising of the destruction aspired to create a new perspective of man and society. The course will examine the rise of Brutalism in architecture, art and cinema in Europe and beyond and particularly in Israel. A review of the formation of these social and aesthetic ideas and the weakening of boundaries between the world of ideas and the world of images in art and architecture after world war II will be made through the reading of texts and images of the movement