Visual and Material Culture: Course

Craftivism and Design Thinking

keinan hagit, Semester 2, Wednesday, 14:00-17:00
Koniak sharon, Semester 2, Wednesday, 14:00-17:00
The Students will develpo a toolkit that will enable them to engage and implement social innovation through the practice of design thinking and craftivism. Craftivism engages in communal, social and political issues, using the practice of craft to engender charge and create social discourse. Craftivists use their creative skills to generate dialogue, originate collaborations and ivitiate social innovation.Design thinking refers to creative strategies designers use during their design process It is a methodology that provides a human-based approach to resolve issues outside of professional design practice, such as in business and social contexts, Design thinking methodology allows for new ideas and intrapreneurship and for differentiation and innovation within existing production and services. During the course students will explore and engage in the stage of design thinking methodology. We will analyze a wide range of local and international craftivists initiatives by using a design thinking framework and apply this methodology in a proposal for an actueal craftivist project, engaging with a local community in the field. Students will work in small interdisciplinary teams that build on each others expertise and enrich the shared project. The tools acquired during this course can be utilized in other course work. The final oroduct of this course will be a proposal for a craftivism project based on design thinking.