Visual and Material Culture: Course

Doing Justice: Ideology, Discourse & Language in Art & Design

Mayyan Sagy, Semester 2, Sunday, 10:30-12:00
The main goal of the course is to deepen students' knowledge of basic concepts in cultural studies and to develop tools for critical and humanistic thinking in times of corporate economics and accelerated globalization. The discussions in the class will be based on reading materials, alongside the examination of examples in the field of culture, art and visual communication.The lessons will focus on deciphering various ideological narratives that have been formed throughout the history of ideas. We will acknowledge the points of view that stood at the center of different modern doctrines that aspired to a new socio-economic and political order, and examine the cultural values and outcomes that reflected them. In this framework, we will discuss selected representations that reveal these tensions and propose new alternatives to the question of justice in our time. In the final task the students will submit a paper that offers a theoretical examination of a product/design according to the ideas discussed in class.