Visual and Material Culture: Course

History of 20th Centurey Architecture

Ginat Iddo, Arch., Semester 1, Tuesday, 15:00-16:30
Ginat Iddo, Arch., Semester 2
The course wishes to decode the ways by which historical processes are reflected in the architectural discourse of the twentieth century. The premise of this investigation is based on the notion that the architectural field is a sensitive seismograph for social cultural and ideological shifts, as well as political and economic changes.The course is concentrates on the period that begins in the late nineteenth century and ends with the beginning of the third millenium. This period began with economic and political processes that brought about the disintegration of old empires, continued through unprecedented political tectonic shifts that involved two world wars and the the rise of a new global order, and came to a close with the withering of seemingly stable national structures and the rise of sea changing private enterprise.The period in question can be seen as an ongoing present, whose testimonies and forensic evidence serve as the foundations of our immediate and recognizable surroundings. The course therefore presents two types of readings: one based on a chronological timeline - inferring relationships between historical events, cultural processes and architectural manifestations; the other based on a thematic interpretation that generates a genealogical analysis of concurrent architectural visions.