Visual and Material Culture: Course

Image & Sound: Exploring & Experimenting

Kaduri Yael, Dr., Semester L, Sunday, 09:30-15:00
From the beginning of the 20th century music was considered as a model for pure art by movements who gave birth to abstract painting. It was the beginning of a tendency which strove towards the braking of boundaries among the arts, while using experiments with music, sound, text and the human voice as a main tool. To explore this fascinating process, the seminar will discuss the inter-relationships among Music, sound, voice and image in the visual arts and the performing arts from Modernism to contemporary art. We will investigate examples of musical paining, visual music, connections of sound and picture in cinema and short animation film, and audio-visual 'synaesthisia'. Alongside with art works that exist on the two-dimensional plane, the course will discuss the relations between sight and sound in art forms that are created in space and even in real time, like sound installations, text-sound art, performance art, modern dance and experimental theatre. No previous musical knowledge is needed.