Visual and Material Culture: Course

Love Discourse

Ronel Yoav, Semester 2, Sunday, 12:30-16:00
The seminar will deal with cultural representation (literary, cinematic, philosophical) of love in the Western culture. We will try to think the concept of love through various criticalperspectives: historical, philosophical, economical, gender oriented and political. Modern love is torn between two dangers: the first one concerns discourses that erase the experience of love:sociology, psychology and biology, which claim that the name “love” is a lie that hides social or biological processes; the other, the romantic myth, that presents an unattainable vision of a “perfect love”. Following Giorgio Agamben and Roland Barthes’ thought, we will try to present a love discourse that doesn’t fall into those pitfalls, and find a way to still, today, talk about love.Some of the thinkers we will read during the seminar: Plato, Eva Illouz, Julia Kristeva, Jean Luc Nancy and Michel Foucault.