Visual and Material Culture: Course


Adam Shanit, Semester 2, Wednesday, 14:00-17:00
Youdelevich Sarit, Semester 2, Wednesday, 14:00-17:00
This course’s goal is to initiate discussion and provide a making-space for soft-materials-craft meets digital-fabrication. We will use conventional techniques on innovative materials while: analyzing, researching and making statements on material vs. hardware, content vs. code. Students will design and create aesthetic-interactive clothing and accessories, which represent digital as well as cultural narratives. The course will encourage students’ multi-disciplinary work which represent and relate to their perspective on topics as: the cultural effect, the ethics of innovative technology, the role of the wearer, the make movement and wearable technology.This is a hands-on class. The students will work with traditional materials as fabric and leather, and more innovative ones as e-textiles, high performance fabrics; will learn techniques as sewing and printings (fabric) and cow hide/skins (leather). Another platform that is introduced in this course is micro-controllers, a single-chip computer that fits in one hand. Students will work with “technology-kits” that can be installed in the accessories they design, and include: electronics, sensors and coding them to work. Via 4 short exercises and a final project students will design and develop prototypes which represent a new innovative concept in this field. The course is open to students who are experienced with 3d/2d fabrication-digital tools and/or graphic software(s). Weekly assignments as well as the final project are components within the final grade, as well as class attending and participate.