Master in Policy and Theory of the Arts

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Master in Policy & Theory of the Arts

A new cultural discourse has materialized in Israel and abroad in recent years. The focus of this discourse is an interdisciplinary approach to culture and the various elements thereof: art, design and architecture are examined in the light of research doctrines rooted in humanities and social sciences. In this context, there is a growing need for theoretical deliberation and professional training in the fields that accompany the world of art and design: management of art and culture institutions, curatorial studies, museology, art criticism, the history of design and cultural policy. These fields, some of which assist in mediating between the creative artist and the audience, are of critical importance to the consolidation of Israeli culture generally and policy making regarding artistic matters in particular.
The absence of local training programs for professionals in these fields led to a serious shortage in writers, critics, curators and managers of cultural institutions who are qualified to contribute to the world of culture and creativity in Israeli society.
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