M.Urb.Des: Course

Studio 01

Battat Merav, Arch., Semester 1, Wednesday, 13:15-20:30
smits-possek danielah, Semester 1, Wednesday, 13:15-20:30
The city is a single entity within the outline of a multi-layered system fed by (and feeds) infrastructures which are mostly invisible. Urban mass of varying intensities are placed onto national / regional networks and the hierarchy between the two (supporting-supported) often reversed.Infrastructure unveil mainly when it breaks - floods, power failures, pipeline explosions, roadblocks, water pollution – are almost sole evidence to the city's total dependence on infrastructure.Recognizing the huge sums invested in various infrastructural systems (construction, development, upgrading, maintenance, control), we have a responsibility as architects and planners to apprehend, understand and then grab the opportunity with both hands to intervene in the city from another point of view. Not as responders but as leaders.The studio "Weird Landscape" will examine the connections and dependencies between the city and various infrastructure systems. Through analysis of infrastructure projects discussed these days by the planning authorities (routes of light rail, regional drainage projects, desalination plants, gas pipelines, power lines and power stations, railways, roads and interchanges), understanding the values and considerations operating in the field of infrastructure planning - we will try to point out the interfaces and the impact on Israeli urbanity and offer new directions for development applying extreme scenarios.