M.Urb.Des: Course

Studio 02

Handel Ariel, Dr., Semester 2, Wednesday, 13:00-20:30
Mayslits kassif Ganit, Semester 2, Wednesday, 13:00-20:30
Rubin Noa, Dr., Semester 2, Wednesday, 13:00-20:30
The studio will focus on a disrupted site on one of the city edges, which has the potential of becoming a significant urban area in the future. The site presents infrastructural, built and landscape challenges on the urban scale. It will allow the students to develop a multi-layered intervention and design the site, the landscape, and the complex urban systems it is part of. A special focus will be put on leveraging urban infrastructure for planning, design and urban change, and on the role of the Urban Designer as a problem solver and connector between the local community and the urban scale.